Everything to Know About Health Service Assistants/ Health Care Assistant

The Health Care Assistant plays a critical role in caring for other people, as Youth Work Courses Reddit, and they can bring their experiences and expertise to bear on any health condition the individual is undergoing. As assistants, their jobs involve assisting the front line health professionals like doctors.

HCA’s duties and responsibilities

There is no specific educational background to become a Health Care Assistant; it does not matter if you were psychology, banking or even a logistics student. The following are some of your duties as a Health Care Assistant:

  • Monitoring of patients’ health and clinical conditions by taking weight, respiration, pulse, and temperature
  • Communicating with the patients to comfort them
  • Making the beds in the hospital
  • Toileting
  • Helping the patients to move around while on admission
  • Serving meals to the patients and also feeding them.
  • Health education or health promotion work
  • Taking blood samples of patients
  • Processing laboratory samples
  • Re-stocking consulting rooms
  • Sterilising equipment

Future opportunities

The profession of a Health Care Assistant is always marketable. Its services will still require because the human population is always on the rise and the number of patients being register daily is increasing. Technology has developed some robots to carry out specific tasks at hospitals, but these robots cannot be as capable as human Health Care Assistants and can also not have the human touch that can help the patient to get better faster and make them feel comfortable. So, the future is very bright for a Health Care Assistant.

What makes the right Health Care Assistant?

An excellent Health Care Assistant must adequately experience, and such experiences can obtain via various means like an apprenticeship in healthcare, voluntary or paid clinical works. The Health Care Assistant must also have a charming character; he or she must be kind and caring, aside from being friendly and cheerful. He must also be ready to do personal care tasks. The individual must be prepared to follow laid down procedures and instructions. He must well organise, communicative and observant.

How to become a Health Care Assistant

There is no particular requirement for becoming a Health Care Assistant. However, you may be asked to present your GCSE result in Maths and English language. Other qualifications that may demand are your NVQ or BTEC. Furthermore, you are expected to have working experience of care work or healthcare. There are some courses dedicated to Health Care Assistants; you can quickly get experience via apprenticeship in healthcare.